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Temecula hospice care is important: Arbor Hospice serves the Temecula Valley and surrounding areas. We have a tradition of compassionate care and commitment to Temecula patients and families. We proudly serve Southwest Riverside County, serving the communities of Temecula and Murrieta. In addition to our experienced staff nurses and caregivers, Arbor Hospice has a physician on staff that can provide house calls to patients in need and help them avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Dr. Greg Dahlquist is a Board-Certified Family Physician and Geriatrician who is available to come to your home. Unlike many hospice organizations, we have a physician who has specialized in hospice and palliative care and sees patients exclusively in their own homes.

Temecula hospice

Hospice Care Services

Our hospice care team is your local nonprofit hospice care agency. We are committed to compassionate and expert care for both the hospice patient and their loved ones. We bring support and resources to your home, coordinate with your physicians and ensure you have the medical, emotional, social and spiritual support you need.


Grief Support

Our Temecula caregivers understand the need for comprehensive support for friends and family following the death of a loved one. Grief support services are available to help guide you through the grieving process.



As a nonprofit hospice care agency we have a commitment to helping you secure needed resources as quickly as possible. We also welcome volunteers and donations to help us continue our mission to assist every patient and family and the Temecula area, regardless of their ability to pay.

Voice Your Choice

Please ask for Arbor Hospice by name when discussing hospice care with your health providers. Arbor Hospice is your local nonprofit agency that has been providing quality in-home hospice care in the Temecula area since 1952.

Arbor Hospice puts patients before profits and our exceptional medical professionals and trained volunteers are ready to help you.

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