Charitable Care

As a community non-profit provider, Arbor Hospice has cared for thousands of patients and families since 1987 by providing compassionate hospice and palliative care, grief counseling, and support to terminally ill patients of all ages, their families, and the community.

When our patients do not have insurance to cover hospice services the Charitable Care Program comes into play. Regardless of ability to pay, Arbor Hospice accepts and cares for patients who require our services to carry out their end-of-life phase in comfort, with dignity, and surrounded by a caring, compassionate team of professionals.

Our main goal is to make sure that everybody who needs hospice care, receives it, regardless of their ability to pay. Our patients and their families deserve to live comfortably and with dignity, especially in what can often be a difficult time for the family.

Ways That Charitable Care Can Help

  • Safe, reliable medical transportation for a 93-year-old patient who lives alone with no family or loved ones in the area to take him to and from his surgical appointment.
  • Grocery gift card for family of five because the father, a 37-year-old cancer patient, is the sole provider for his family and can no longer work.
  • Window unit air-conditioner provided for a patient recovering from cancer surgery at home during the hot summer months.
  • Purchase of a portable wheelchair ramp for a patient who requires a motorized wheelchair but has no way of getting it in and out of her home.
  • In-home visit with a registered dietician for a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes, to educate the patient on food preparation, portion control and food shopping skills.
  • Lifeline monitoring for patients, who live independently, but need a direct line to emergency services should a situation arise.
  • Provide a gasoline card for the family of a terminally ill child who needs to travel to Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, for medical treatment several times per week.
  • Respite care for family of a terminally ill patient whose round-the-clock caregiving has exhausted the spouse. Respite care offers skilled nursing in a safe and secure licensed facility and allows the caregiver some time off to recharge.

How To Donate

Payable to:
Hemet Hospice Volunteers, Inc.
890 W. Stetson Avenue, Ste. A
Hemet, CA 92543

Please call (951) 766-9629.

Make a charitable bequest in your will to benefit Arbor Hospice & Hemet Hospice Volunteers. For questions regarding our program and your estate planning, please call (951) 766-9629.

Use our secure online form to donate.

Please call (951) 766-9629.

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